What we offer as a remote virtual assistant

We specialize in marketing, social media, graphic & web design, administrative & technical services.

Email Handling

  • Clean Inbox
  • Create filters, rules, etc. and answer any non-essential emails
  • Send a TL;DR on certain emails and alerts for the important ones
  • Use templates and rules for customer service inquiries

Manage Scheduling & Calendaring

  • Manage Scheduling & Calendaring
  • Correspond with co-workers to set up weekly meetings
  • Set-up an end of day document for tomorrow’s meetings, complete with dossiers
  • Alert you to important events that are coming up and any actionables

Conduct Research

  • Conduct Research
  • Gather qualitative data on technology
  • Locate networking events
  • Create dossiers for new contacts/clients

Drive Personal Goals

  • Keep you accountable and motivated
  • Find and provide resources to keep you on track
  • Set up a reward system for certain milestones

Travel Coordination

  • Flight planning
  • Research new restaurants for taking clients
  • Build an itinerary for an upcoming trip


  • Online client care (email, chat, social media)
  • Offline client care (inbound/outbound sales, prospect live chat and email support)
  • Potential employee interviews/screenings

Make Sense?

We specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs organize, promote, and scale their brand through social media, copywriting, marketing, graphic & web design, technical & administrative services.

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