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RemoteStaff offers business-to-business lead generation services and sales support through research, list building, and email outreach for sales teams.

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RemoteStaff rospect and Lead Generation Service provides you a processed list of prospects with valid emails ids. Give in your requirements, and we will get your prospects generated in 48 hours.

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Update your current customer list or add missing information to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

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Say hello to decision makers at your ideal accounts. RemoteStaff gets you the data you need to keep your business growing. With verified leads and data-driven insights, your team can close deals the smarter, faster way.

How we build a prospect list

We use a lots of tools and techniques to find and build an executive prospect list. One of out process described below

Prospecting can be tedious work. Building a list of prospects is fundamentally different work than relationship-building, and doing both in a week can exhuast both sides of your brain.

Here is how to use LinkedIn to build better prospecting lists quickly and efficiently.

As DiscoverOrg’s Claire McEachern writes, your prospecting list will need to answer three big questions:

  1. Who is the right person for your message,
  2. How you will actually get in touch with them, and
  3. What that person’s potential pain point would be.

LinkedIn won’t explicitly give you all of those answers, so you will need a handful of supplementary tools to build a top-notch list of prospects:

And a lots of others toll to collect email and verify email address.


Step 1: Create specific prospect segments

Comb through your sales data, your buyer personas, and your own personal experience to get an idea of who your target customers are. The team at Yesdata has an example of the level of specificity required: “Vice Presidents of Marketing at companies with more than 20,000 employees, located in Delaware and New Jersey, that use marketing automation.”

Step 2: Apply those details to advanced search operators

Once you have your own parameters defined, you can translate those into search queries. Those search queries can go in one of two places. First, there is LinkedIn’s advanced search function. Salesforce Canada has a useful cheat sheet for prospecting on social channels that shows you exactly how to use boolean search operators there. Those basic operators include:

  • NOT, which excludes specific results. An example looks like this: VP of Marketing NOT Marketing Director
  • OR, which shows you either/or search results for two terms. For example: VP OR V.P.
  • AND, which narrows results to those that include two specific terms. For example: VP Marketing AND New Jersey
  • QUOTE MARKS, which narrows results to exact matches of a string of words. For example: “Vice President of Marketing”
  • PARENTHESES, which groups search terms when you start stacking operators.

Mix and match those operators in advanced search to cover everything you’re looking for. That way, you can run queries such as (“VP Marketing” OR “Vice President Marketing”) AND New Jersey.

Then, when you run your searches, save them to Sales Navigator. The great thing about Sales Navigator is it will begin to automate the research process for you. “Once you save enough leads, Sales Navigator works in the background to find new contacts and potential leads for you,” LinkedIn Content Marketing Manager Alex Hisaka writes. “But you also have all those saved leads in your Sales Navigator feed, so you have access to exactly what is on your prospects’ minds in real time.”

AlternativelyMixrank co-founder Ilya Lichtenstein has an advanced strategy that will let you run more robust searches on LinkedIn, but via Google. His strategy, which he outlines at Sales Hacker, was originally designed for people to work around the search caps on LinkedIn’s free accounts. It also works as a nice supplemental layer of research.


Step 3: Identify and map out decisions makers

When you are selling to other companies, you will very likely deal with several decision makers at each company. Initially, it’s best to get all potential decision makers into your list. As Trent Dyrsmid at Groove Digital Marketing notes, his sales team ends up sending emails to a primary decision maker, an influencer, and a couple of bosses along the way.

Step 4: Track down any emails not listed on LinkedIn

Finally, you’ll want to collect the email addresses of each person you’ve put in your list. Manually hunting down email addresses can take forever, which is why Rapportive and Name2Email are so helpful.

Here is an excellent process for finding and validating email addresses, courtesy of the Name2Email team:

  1. Just type in a person’s first name, last name and company domain into Gmail’s “To” field.
  2. Name2Email will automatically populate the field with several possible permutations.
  3. Hover over each option, and Rapportive will verify it.
  4. Update your list with the correct email.

We have developed a lot more others sophisticated way to find email address from LinkedIn and others trusted sources of information.

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We use a lots of tools and techniques to find and build an executive prospect list.

Few of those are rapportive,,, Clearbit, Find That Lead, and many more.

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